Frequently asked Questions

As a member, you’ll receive extensively researched and analysed tips, with in-depth reviews as to why you are parting with your money. You won’t get tips every day; at times there will be a few days in-between tips. You’ll also receive weekly emails for horses to add to your trackers which have caught our eye, as well as the big meeting previews. In addition, you will also receive some in-depth analysis from our football expert Kim, who will send you one or two strong bets from Monday to Friday, as well as some singles and multiples on the weekend which will have points attached and be used as part of a betting bank.

Horse racing is a very complicated sport that takes a lot of work to keep on top of – the variables are nearly endless. Not only do you need to study horse form and gauge the horse’s track, ground and distance preferences,  but you’ll need to examine current weather forecasts for each track, different course biases, general jockey ability and their specific track ability, trainer statistics and trends. And so much more! 

If you spend 7 or 8 hours a day deep in the form book and horse racing databases, then you probably don’t need us. If not, you probably do.

Our monthly membership fee is only £20 per month, with a bigger month-by-month discount if you sign up to an annual subscription. We accept payment via PayPal or credit/debit card, which is recurring each month. For your convenience, membership can be cancelled at anytime via the website.

You may have joined us after we have sent our email, but as soon as you have paid and signed up to our membership, you’re fully entitled to the service you’ve paid for. All of our tips are posted on our website, so you can view them that way until the next day’s email is ready. Always check your junk email just in case they have landed there. Upon logging into the website, you will always be taken automatically to the tips page.

Points are units we use to help you decide on your staking. We don’t know your circumstances or how much you are comfortable betting, so our point system allows you to judge the strength of the tip or give a value to each point. For example, betting at £10 per point for a 3-point win bet would net you a £30 win if successful.

The recommended bets are staked between 1 and 3 points, with our 1-point bets being our smallest recommended stake, and a 2-point bet our maximum recommended stake. The stake of any selection is decided based on the strength of the horse’s chance, combined with the value that we feel is in the currently available price. We try to keep the staking reasonably level, meaning you will see most selections staked at 1 point (either a 1 point win or 0.75 point each way), with very few maximum 2-point bets.

The information we email out will be recorded at a 1-point level stake win bet, regardless of price. If you are still struggling with the concept of points, read on!

We would recommend a 150-point betting bank for complete safety, following these tips. This may seem a little daunting to a beginner – at £10 per point, that’s £1,500, and most people don’t have that kind of money lying about. So, what are you supposed to do?

Well, let’s say you bet around £20 per week; changing this figure to whatever applies to you. We recommend you bet £1 per point and leave any winnings in your betting accounts. Next week, you’ll add that week’s £20 to whatever you have from last week. Repeat this process until you have around £150 dotted about in betting accounts, and from that point on you’ll bet at £1 per point and should never need to add to your bank again. Then, it’s a case of upping your stakes at landmarks.

Once you decide upon a stake level, and you have a 150 point bank, you should never need to drop down. If you do yo-yo stakes, you will find that you up your stakes just as a downswing hits, or you drop stakes as the upswing hits! Sod’s Law is alive and well in horse racing.

Make a plan and stick to it – 150 points is more than enough to even out the most brutal of downswings. If you are of a nervous disposition, then set your bank at 200 points. You will be surprised at how quickly your bank snowballs, especially if you are in a position to take advantage of free bets and bonuses by opening new bookmaker accounts.

It averages out around 6-7 points per day, but that doesn’t give you the full story because of how UK horse racing is structured. Through the week, there isn’t so much racing and the quality is a lot lower. But on a Saturday there is a lot, with plenty of quality racing – it’s famine to feast! This means you will be betting around 4 points per day through the week, and on Saturdays and during big racing festivals (like Cheltenham and Royal Ascot) it will be closer to 15.

This is something you will need to think about when looking at your staking plan.

You may be in a position to bet at £25 per point, but if having around £400 outlaid on a Saturday is going to cause you too much worry and wreck your weekend then you need to lower your stakes. The information we email out will be recorded to a 1-point level stake win bet, regardless of price.

We aim to get the tips sent out at around 8pm the night before. This ensures that everyone has the best possible chance to get their bets on. All members are made aware of when the next email is due, if there is a change to the norm. Tips can always be picked up directly from the website.

The service is aimed at people with access to BOG (Best Odds Guaranteed) bookmakers.

When betting on horses, the winnings don’t very often come in a uniformed, steady stream – it tends to come in blocks of good and bad runs. You need the discipline to ride out the bad runs, without quitting or doing anything stupid. Bad runs, also known as downswings, happen to everyone, but it’s important to remember that we always recover.

You also need the discipline to rein in any feelings of invincibility during the good runs. By that, I mean upping your stakes when you don’t have the bankroll, or betting on things that you otherwise wouldn’t. Looking at the numbers helps with this, and so does having your 150-point betting bank and being able to take a long term view.

At The Racing Analyst, there are no contracts on standard membership. If you take a free trial from us you are obliged to pay for your next month, unless clearly stated that there is no obligation to do so. 

When joining, you do opt-in for recurring payments, but they can be cancelled at anytime along with your membership by logging into the website. If your payment has been made before you cancel you will continue to receive tips up to and including your last paid day. Refunds will be issued if we’ve made an administration error, not if you have simply forgot to cancel your payment.