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“I was a very casual punter with horses having only really bet every now and again on the big races and very rarely won. I have always enjoyed horse racing and love the sport and started to take a keener interest in it, and wanted to gain more knowledge on what is a very in depth sport to know about. My personal betting was losing money so I was in search of a tipster who offered me both the opportunity to learn more about the sport and also how to bet sensibly. I trialled a few tipping services but they offered me very little in the way of enhancing my knowledge as well as returns. I would get just the tip and the stake and that would be it. They offered very little value and I had no idea what went into the tip and or whether it was even researched.

I came across Ben around 3-4 years ago on a page that not only offered good odds and returns, but also had a wealth of knowledge to tap into. The service was excellent and you not only got 2-3 tips per day, but they all came with in depth write ups, based on a number of things such as weights, class, course form, jockey statistics, whether the horse went on a certain ground, trainer form etc. This was exactly the information I needed as a very casual horse punter to help me gain greater knowledge on what I was betting on and how I can refine my investments.

The returns have been fantastic; I have made a lot of money off of Ben’s tips and can safely say it’s a fantastic long term investment. Another thing that I was unaware of and what he has promoted is having a sensible, long term strategy. You do not and will not win every day no matter which tipster you follow, so it is important to have a bank and invest it wisely, and to invest using a small outlay on big returns. This is impossible to achieve unless you have a wealth of knowledge on the subject as there are so many variables that have to be taken into account in horse racing, more so than any other sport. And Ben offers this service better than any I have seen both in the Racing Post and via internet sites. So many of the tips I have backed have been backed at the best possible prices where you are ahead of the market, and get big EW priced staked that turns into a win only price, and this again shows the knowledge and time that goes into the tips. Horse betting is not only about backing the right horses, but also knowing what not to back. And the services he provides offers tremendous value in saving money but advising against horses that a causal punter would back. Knowing there are weak favourites in races or horses that are in races that arent trying due to their mark or ones that don’t go on a certain ground is invaluable to a punter.

Having winners in huge races such as The Gold Cup, Ayr Gold Cup, The Diamond Jubilee and Goodwood Cup is what for me punting is all about. To have that edge where you go into the big races equipped with the best knowledge you can and walk away with good priced winners is a great feeling and one which I certainly wouldn’t have achieved when I was betting as a casual punter.

Another huge positive is the ‘Info’ he provides, where I have earned a lot of money from. The info provided is all genuine from connections/trainer/jockey and has a fantastic strike rate. It is all genuine and unlike other services where they send info out and it isn’t genuine but made to look so in order to get people paying, this is all part of the service offered and is all real info straight connections, and it’s a great angle to have when betting when you know the trainer is confident a horse is winning or the horse is there trying, as its information you wouldn’t know about unless told.

I have a yearly ROI that far outweighs any hedge fund I could invest in or any other area of investment from the outlay involved. If you have the patience and see the bigger picture and use it as a long term investment strategy, then the tips provide a fantastic profit margin and serious money is earnt. I have not only won and won well from my time following Ben and had holidays paid for courtesy of his tips, but also my knowledge on horse racing has increased tenfold, and that for me is value that simply no other service offers.”


“What stands Ben apart is knowing not just when a horse is due to win but when it is not. He sees beyond the form figures and delves deeper in the horse’s characteristics, the traits of the trainer and even the psyche of the owner. Nothing escapes his studious gaze. Mention a horse to him and he’ll tell you in which grade, on what ground, track and distance and even ridden by what jockey it’ll win next. Invariably he’s correct. He spots potential coups quicker than Kim Jong Un. Like any great professional in their field he harnesses innate talent to fastidious graft. He puts the hours in and treats your money like his own, borne out by extraordinary records of return. Play the long game and you’ll win and win a lot. If you’re looking for an edge you have found it. There’s no bullshit either, his results are widely available and he doesn’t share the ubiquitous amnesia of practically every other tipster. If that wasn’t enough he has the ear of the best inside contacts in the game. Into winning life changing sums of money with little risk, look no further. Ben is simply the gift that keeps on giving.”


I started following Ben’s tips in May 2014 after hearing good things from a friend. I opened a Bet 365 account and deposited £200 earning me a £200 bonus. To this date that is the only time I have deposited any cash to follow his tips. I am ex-forces hence very disciplined and have played poker to a good standard so I know about bankroll management and soon picked up the points system. Before starting I made the conscious decision that I would never go above £15 per point regardless of my bankroll (at my height I was sitting on £32k in betting accounts but stayed loyal to my game plan). This has enabled me to maintain that high level during the lean periods that every Tipster has. I started out on £2 per point and within two weeks I was playing £10 per point after Ben hit two huge doubles. The journey following him is now almost three years on and we have a friendship built up from mutual respect and we chat frequently about gambling but also about personal matters. In that time there have been many fantastic highs and some periods in the doldrums. I am very pragmatic in my views where gambling is concerned and I don’t lose money to the Bookies, but instead I regard it as cash flow. I know it will come back with interest, if you are disciplined, use good bankroll management and follow the points system as advised. Almost three years on I have enjoyed holidays in Las Vegas, Sharm El Sheikh and Montego Bay. I drive an Audi A5 SLine Sportsback and wear an Omega watch on my wrist. I still have almost £10k in Bookies accounts. Ben has played a huge part in enabling me to enjoy the finer things in life. If you are reading this then you are interested in joining up. If you follow as I have done, I’m certain that you too will become a success story. YOU WILL BEAT THE BOOKIES BACKING BENS SELECTIONS AS ADVISED.


I’ve been following his selections for about 3 years now and simply put, it’s the best decision I’ve made. There are a lot of tipsters out there and most think a 100pt return for the year is good and are usually affiliated with a particular betting site, not the case here. If you stick with the advice and do as instructed you will make an outstanding points return. Not only that, all the horses you will bet on are reviewed, you gain information to put in your own trackers and you can see the reasoning behind each bet. If you are serious about betting, can follow simply betting routines and structure as well as patience and discipline every now and again you will not be disappointed.


I’ve been getting tips from Ben for many years now, he doesn’t claim to make you an overnight millionaire like some tipsters. If you stick to his advice you can reap the rewards. As they say, slow and steady always wins the race!! I can’t recommend him enough!


In my four years of horse racing betting I’ve been through numerous services, many of which claiming all sorts of strike rates and profits but in fact generally proving to be disappointing once starting up with them. Ben actually delivers the results he states and is completely transparent – he also does not inflate his results with unattainable odds, so as long as you get the bets on promptly after the mails come in and you have a range of different betting accounts, you can expect to get the odds and therefore results quoted.

With his service comes the luxury of in-depth and convincing write-ups including not only a thorough understanding of how well recent form stacks up, but also insight and sound judgement as to whether the horse may well have been saved by the yard for this race, or for other reasons is likely to put in a much better show this time around. Which is often where the value in the odds lies. Many times he has called big priced winners right where if purely looking at the form without other knowledge, they simply wouldn’t have been found.

If you’ve the patience and discipline necessary to win long-term at gambling and ensure you stick to the staking and betting bank advice, Ben will make you money long term, and good money too, without a shadow of a doubt.