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We’re excited to let you know that your Royal Ascot Access Pass with the Racing Analyst has now been set up successfully. You can visit your account page from the navigation bar at the top of our website, or via this link. And you can visit our Royal Ascot Tips page here¬†or directly from the navigation bar for instant access to our Royal Ascot Tips as soon as they are live!


We aim to get the tips sent out at around 8pm the night before. This ensures that everyone has the best possible chance to get their bets on. All members are made aware of when the next email is due, if there is a change to the norm. Tips can always be picked up directly from the website.

The service is aimed at people with access to BOG (Best Odds Guaranteed) bookmakers.

Of course, with the all weather season approaching, there will be occasions that the tips are sent as early as I can, because there will be horses that I’d have spotted are lined up for a punt. In those instances, and they’re few and far between, I’ll be sending tips when the markets form as to get on at best price before they’re well-backed by connections.

My tipping style has changed a lot over the past 12 months, been publicised by a few, and although I may not hit the 200/1 doubles I used to I feel I am tipping far more consistently and hitting a lot more doubles, albeit at a smaller price, but achieving a better return over the year. I feel this is because, whereas I would usually ignore anything under 5/1, I’ve now no issue in tipping shorter prices horses as long as it represents a decent bet.

My ethos hasn’t changed, I still want to give you the most from your money, but the way I’ve gone about it has.


If you have any questions, please visit our FAQs page – or if you are still in any need of assistance, visit our Contact page to email us or submit a contact form.

Under no circumstances should our tips be forwarded or shared, and anybody found in breach of this will be banned with no refund.